Discover & explore. 
Happy, confident, and caring children while you feel in control without controlling.
In 45 days or less. 

The Joy Collection
is designed for families with children aged 5-12

The Joy Collection is a Playful Coaching Program for parents who

  • ​​want to raise happy, confident, and caring children
  • ​want to feel confident for having the context and the tools to do that
  • want to be and feel in control but not controlling their child
  • want to experience a natural, loving connection 
  • want to genuinely express the love for their children, no manipulation, no control
  • want to transform the relationship with their children
  • ​​​want to experience joy, fun, trust, and deep connection with their children
  • spend time with their children and want to experience activities they also enjoy
  • want to bring in new meaningful ways to play and connect with their children ​
  • ​want to ​play with them with joy and ease
  • ​​​want their children to rely on them no matter what
  • ​want to ​feel like the good parents they know deep down they are 

If this is you, you're in the right place.

The Joy Collection

This is the simplest tool ever.

Every day there is a planned activity or game.

The calendar is downloadable and printable. You may want to post it on your fridge or wherever you choose or keep the activities secret. It’s up to you. It works fine either way.

You might feel relieved and relaxed having it all planned in advance. It is all set for you. It’s like opening the fridge to get something to prepare the meal and, by magic, the meal is already there. Nice gift, isn’t it?

Activities are flexible so you can adapt them to work best for you. Guidelines offer playful coaching perspectives on how to do each activity.

All activities are rooted in three core values: love, acceptance, and trust. No manipulation and no control. Freedom of expression and choice for all participants.

The guidelines are designed for each activity, in order to:
 ▪️ highlight the desired outcomes
 ▪️ make the best of the activity by using short coaching questions that may generate valuable insights for you all
 ▪️ tips & tricks to squeeze the juice out of the activity
 ▪️ build deep connection and trust while spending a joyful and fun time together.

The guidelines are downloadable and printable. Simple and easy to use

So, you have 
the what and the how 
all together.
One-click or one sheet away.

Magda Preda

Creator of
The Joy Collection

Her name is Magda Preda.

She is the blessed, lucky, and grateful mother of 3 boys. They are 16, 14, and 9 at the time she writes these lines. Within the last 12 years, she has tried everything, from books to courses to coaching to bring joy, fun, deep connection, love, and trust in their relationships.

She is also a certified life & business coach and trainer. She believes that each of us is unique, has something valuable to give to the world, and is meant to thrive. Playing is her way of exploring life, both as a mother and a coach.

So, with the love as a mother and the skills and tools as a coach, she created and tested hundreds of activities and games for families. The most valuable, meaningful, and joyful ones make the content of The Joy Collection. 

Bonus Time

Check these amazing bonus tools designed especially for you
When you purchase The Joy Collection you also get:

   BONUS #1 - The Mindset

This tool is designed to support your state of mind and being.
The themes of the ebook cover the main values the Collection is based on Love, Acceptance, Trust, Sharing, Creativity, Contribution, and Joy.

They are meant to help you connect with yourself, remember who you are both as a parent and as a human being, and prepare for the activity if you choose so.

BONUS #2- Alternative Educational Resources

Meaningful education was a struggle for us until we found the best solutions for each of our three children. 

During the last years, due to my research and the info I got from other parents, for which I express my deep gratitude, I came in contact with a lot of valuable resources. 

I have put them on a downloadable and printable ebook which I offer to you with all my heart!

BONUS #3 - Games and Activities Resources

This is a downloadable and printable list of links with various ideas for playing with your child, your family, and even with their and your friends.

You can find funny, challenging, creative ideas for indoor games, family board and online games, trust games, and even games and activities from team buildings, which can be easily adapted for the family.

Having it all together, structured on themes, makes it easy for you to choose the perfect activity for every specific moment and intention.

Here are five random days of the calendar and two guided activities from the Collection.

If they resonate with you, you might feel relieved by having the whole program for only $27.



                                     💗 💗 💗
DAY 1 - Make a list of disgusting things for each of you. Have fun!

The very first activity on your calendar is a fun one. So enjoy it with a hearty laughter 😄

Desired outcomes: strengthen the relationship by finding out things about each other (connection) in a very relaxed way (fun, relaxation), learning to share, expressing love.

The catch of this activity, as well as of ALL the others, is to accept anything they share with no judgment. Take it as it is shared, have fun (no criticism), make them feel they are fully accepted and loved as they are. They are complete, they are enough, they are lovable and loved.

You may want to write the list, draw it, or simply verbalize it. Do it as it works best for all of you. You may even begin with this question: My love (or how you call them), if we were to make a list of the things that disgust us (make a disgusted face), how would you prefer to do it? Then share your preference, if you have one, negotiate and play.

Use the opportunity to discuss about the 5 senses (disgusting smells, tastes, words, textures, pictures, etc.) and also about other things that may be disgusting: behaviors, attitudes, etc.
What about emotions?
Could they be disgusting? Given they all have a role, a meaning, even those labeled as negative (my opinion is there is no such distinction, emotions just are, they are not good or bad) and also that we should never, ever be ashamed of our emotions, I guess the answer might be no.

Keep the conversation relaxed and fun, you’re playing, after all.

                                         💗 💗 💗
DAY 23 - Superheroes role play. You are the … I am the …

We all have at least a superhero we love, isn’t it? Whether it is a famous one or a creation of our imagination, we play with these superpowers from time to time.

So, for playing this game, each of you chooses a superhero and a superpower and saves the world. You both choose the scenario.

What is the world struggling with?
What does the world need?
How can we help?
Who else should be on our team?
What tiny action can make the biggest difference?
The questions are for all of you.

Get dressed as your superheroes (some scarves and a lot of fun might be enough) and save the world!

Some of the outcomes of this game might be: improving self-confidence, dreaming and acting big - which unlocks our true potential, becoming aware, or improving caring for the planet, the inhabitants, and ourselves. 

Plus a lot of fun, energy, and teamwork to complete the task.

                        💗 💗 💗
Let’s recap what you get when you invest $27 and purchase The Joy Collection

Tool #1 - The 45 Days Calendar

Tool #2 - The Guidelines


Bonus #1 -The Mindset

Bonus #2 - Alternative Educational Resources

Bonus #3 - Games and Activities Resources

NOW Only: $27

What is the value you can expect from 
The Joy Collection
Parents and families who use this collection not only have fun with their children while doing joyful and meaningful activities. They also
  • ​​build and improve a deep connection with their child or children
  • ​​​live a joyful, fulfilled, and meaningful family life
  • ​begin to tap into their infinite potential as parents and act as empowered parents who raise empowered children
  • ​​​live in a peaceful and joyful environment
  • ​​​experience less quarrel and arguing and more peace & collaboration with their children 
  • ​​​radiate, give AND receive love, steadily and with ease and joy
  • feel seen, heard, and understood and their children feel the same 
  • ​​tell themselves I am a good parent 
  • and much, much more ...
SO ACT NOW, you’ve been waiting so long for this kind of support to find you.
 NOW it’s HERE, not for long at THIS PRICE. 

How it works

Once you purchase the Collection, you receive an email with instant access to all the tools and bonuses. 

No registration or password is required. Just one click and you have it all.

Use the calendar and the guidelines for daily activities and games. 

You can follow the calendar as a planner, or pick a random activity from the collection, the one you feel is the most appropriate and impactful for that day.

Have fun and enjoy!

F. A. Q.

I am a single parent. Does this work for me?

Absolutely. As long as there are at least 2 participants it works fine.

I don’t have the time to do the activities

You are already spending time by doing things with your kid, right? So use it to deeply connect and build trust with your child in a fun, meaningful and joyful way. This is what The Joy Collection offers to you.

What if I find out it is not for me

We provide a 30 days guarantee with a full refund. Please check below.

There are so many free offers for fun activities. What should I purchase this one?

You are perfectly right with the free activities. And it is so good that other people listed their options.
You see, by my research, none of them use a coaching-style approach, not only to bring joy in but also to create trust and deep connection in our day-by-day parents' lives.
The Joy Collection is much more than a list of described activities. Most of them are one-of-kind, created by me. I lovingly invite you to test it for 30 days and see what happens. Maybe magic ...



Even though we believe in the transformative power of the Collection and your parent superpowers and even though the money investment is much less than a dinner out for 2, if you choose to ask for a refund within 30 days of the purchase, we will give it to you right away. No questions asked. For a refund just send an email to

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