Magda Preda

Inspirational & Strategic Coach

The Unicorn Helping Humans and Businesses To Thrive

In love with businesses and humans

Whether you're a member of a big lawyers' company or working as a lone wolf...

Or involved in any other industry...

Together We Can Make Your Goals Come True

Imagine the power of a coach with 20 years of experience as a lawyer. Mostly litigation but also powerful consultancy.

How could this unicorn help you achieve your goals? 

Short answer - any way you can imagine.

Long answer - let's talk! There's no blockage we cannot overcome. Or too big goals, impossible achievements and not good enough teams. 

Everything is possible.
Magda Preda, The Unicorn Coach for Growth & Success In Your Business
Discover The Magic Of Life

Join Me on Our Journey to Your Joyful, Purposeful, and Meaningful Life

If you are a strong woman who wants to know who she is and how to live a joyous life through meaning and purpose, then the Powerful Inside Out 1 on 1 Coaching Program might be the answer to your desire.

Program content: 16/22 individual coaching sessions to explore your currents situation, set powerful aligned goals, get clarity and motivation, do the actions, and get the desired results. Plus a long list of resources, private support in between calls, bonuses, and a fantastic journey.

The program is meant to shift your life, discover who you really are, unlock your infinite inner powers and shine brightly into the world.
Magda Preda, Founder of Powerful Inside Out 1x1 Coaching Program 

Make Your Career Vision Easily Come True

You have such a deep hunger for showing the world who you really are. To serve with your full potential and be rewarded with both money and the inner sense of purpose and meaning.

If this is you and need a hand to speed up the process, this 1x1 Coaching Program might be the solution for you, whether you are a man or a woman.

The Coaching Program is structured in 5 weekly calls. 
Topics for each session:
Session 1 - Defining the vision
Session 2 - Designing the plan
Session 3 - Finding solutions
Session 4 - Implementing the plan
Session 5 - Follow up and further adjustments if needed

You have also my private support in between the sessions.

That's all you need to get clear on your career journey, to find the easiest and fastest steps, do the actions and get the desired results. Fast. 

Plus a coaching experience that you will never forget. The one that unlocks your superpowers and makes you feel and act with your full potential.

Let's talk. Book a free strategy call, message me or call me. I'm here to serve you in the most powerful way.

Business Coaching For Great Leaders

There are times when being a leader might feel like a tough job. Leaders are role models. And models cannot make mistakes nor show their feelings and emotions, right? What if this was not true? What if people expect the other way round? A leader who is as human as they are, but has a strong desire to show up powerfully in the world and lead people to their true potential? 

If you find yourself in this paradox and want more clarity on expressing your individual and authentic leadership style, let's have a conversation.

If we are a match, we design the perfect for you 1x1 Coaching Program to help you get the desired and deserved outcomes.

You see, I have always been a leader and a coach. My previous career was as a litigation lawyer for almost 20 years. In this role I have led people to new ways of thinking, changed jurisprudence, acted with the courage of being myself even when others said no way, this is impossible. But the truth is that anything is possible. We just need to love and trust ourselves and our vision more than our fears.

Even in personal life I have this leadership role. I stand for what I believe in and people tend to follow this approach or at least dream about it until time for action comes. There is this truth inside of me that we all have wings to fly but sometimes we forget...

So I know how it feels like to be a leader and I love this role.
Let's talk and see what comes up for you, powerful leader.

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​The 3 Steps Solution to enjoy life with 15-30 minutes a day and no other required resources. 

The mistakes to avoid when you want to breakthrough the prison your life seems to be.

How to find time for yourself even though you feel like you're in a never ending ride.

What people say
When working with Magda the main feeling was guidance. She created the proper mental and emotional conditions so I could find my own answers and solutions.
As a result of working with Magda, I have more clarity, and I am more self-aware. It was a very useful process at an important moment in my life.

Magda worked with me every session through very challenging exercises. I've learned many things about myself in a short time. For me, Magda is an open gate to a continuous process to work with myself to become someone better, happier, a fulfilled person. Thank you, dear Magda, for the Joy and the Good that you brought into my Life! I love you, and I admire your outstanding work!
Your company's accelerated growth
Big, small, or single-member business? No matter how you define yourself or your company.

If you face business and/or professional challenges and want PREMIUM SUPPORT, the corporate coaching programs I deliver might be the best solution for you.

What is required from your side is a deep desire for massive growth, big vision and commitment. Plus the human touch of contribution to others.

What you receive in return is the long-run experience of a lawyer combined with the magic of a coach.

Choose your best fit corporate coaching program and let's make your vision come true!

Your personal fast track evolution
If you feel drawn to work together, book a free strategy call. 

We'll explore your current situation, discover the main blockages, set powerful intentions and design the plan for your future.

At the end of the call, if we are a match, we continue the journey together. If not, you have a powerful experience and a transformational plan to follow.

If you need someone to lovingly hold your hand, trust you, believe you, and challenge you at the same time, you're in the right place.

Contact me
Whatsapp +40722300132
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